We're Evolving

All things evolve; for companies this generally involves a gradual change over time to adapt to changes in the industry and marketplace. Sometimes, however, evolution can be sudden and usually involves a change in direction. This is no less true for Elusive Concepts. We're making big changes, we're leveling up, upgrading ourselves and adding new capabilities to serve our customers in new and exciting ways. Part of that upgrade includes a full company rebranding, and we're also working on entirely rebuilding our web presence. Our new web site will be coming soon, but here are just some of the ways we're changing:


We love design, but design can take many forms. We will always offer branding, user experience, and web design services, but we also now offer product design, packaging design, and product prototyping services. We are also working to design and develop our own product line which we will sell as finished products.


Writing code is our passion and has always been the core of Elusive Concepts. We will always offer web development services, because it's in our blood. In addition, we will offer app development, software development, software prototyping, and server management services. These services will remain our primary service offerings.


To supplement our digital programming and design work, we’re adding fabrication to our repertoire. CNC machining, laser cutting and 3D printing allow us to combine our design skills, our techology savvy, and traditional craftsmanship. We offer these services for prototyping, concept development, and product development.

Our Latest Products

Bring us a concept that intrigues us (especially an elusive concept), and we’ll help you realize it!

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